Patients are generally offered a 45 minute appointment in order to provide a relaxed and unhurried treatment, in a warm and comfortable environment.
For patients requiring a referral to a Podiatric Surgeon, Lisa is able to offer this service.
Bath Chiropody Clinic offers the following services:

  1. General Chiropody, inc. corn removal, callous (hard skin) removal, trimming of toenails. A popular treatment to tidy feet up and leave you ‘walking on air’. You don’t need to have particular problems to feel the benefit.

  2. Ingrown toe nail and thickened nail treatments

  3. Sports injuries – Lisa is pleased to offer this service in conjunction with a highly respected Physiotherapist.
  4. Foot Fact - An 11 stone man of average size will process 112 tonnes of weight through each limb per mile and for each mile you run, your feet will hit the ground about 1,500 times and with each step, your foot will absorb a force several times your body weight.

  5. Diabetic patients - are very welcome.
  6. People who have had diabetes for a long time may have damage to the nerve and blood supply of their feet and also poor circulation.
    The symptoms of nerve damage include: numbness, loss of feeling, tingling, burning sensations or pain. Those of impaired blood supply include pain at rest, especially at night; pain in the calf whilst walking, and feet that feel cold to the touch.

    Every year thousands of people have toes, feet and even their legs amputated because of diabetes and most of these amputations could have been prevented by proper foot care. When you have diabetes it makes sense to take a lot extra care of your feet. Always consult your Chiropodist.