In 2016, my mobility was badly affected by aching feet.

Even a short walk across the city centre was becoming painful and getting out into the countryside was no longer possible.

I arranged to see Lisa and she made a thorough examination of my feet, prescribing an orthotic solution.

I followed her instructions exactly and within two months, my mobility was much improved and went on to get even better.

A year on and I am taking country walks again; an important part of my life has been restored.

Patrick Anketell - Jones

October 2017

Just wanted to say orthotics going really well.

Not noticing anything detrimental and have built their use as instructed.
How amazing hope it isn't a fluke but I felt like I was flying, it was so easy.

No trouble in my back, hips or feet.

What was really noticeable, was that when I running, my muscles weren't tired at all; no stiffness and ever since I haven't seized up in anyway.

Just amazing. Thank you.

V. Wardell, Bath - April 2017

"Lisa kindly and efficiently produced a pair of sports orthotics for me which have helped my golf tremendously.

My 'weight preference' has always been to the front of my foot ever since I was a child, which made swinging a club with any degree of balance and reliability very difficult.

Lovely Lisa, after a great deal of thought, carefully created orthotics which redistributed my balance equally, between back and front, improving my game, scoring and confidence.

A simple change with a radical result."

Mr D. Stuart Feb 2015

"I obtained customised prescription orthotics through Bath Chiropody Clinic at the end of 2014 and two months on I wouldn't be without them.

As a diabetic, it is important to me that I manage this condition to the utmost, including its impact on my feet; with loss of sensitivity and feedback increasing the prospect of falling and injury.

In this context the based on a careful consultation, assessment and 3D scan at the Clinic, my customised orthotics have exceeded my expectations in restoring a better stance, gait and have given greater confidence.

The significant support provided by the orthoitcs is made possible by contouring down to a subtle level on each foot accommodating my pertinent requirements.

This testifies to the technology and its application at Bath Chiropody Clinic.

Thank you Lisa, I have no hesitation in recommending your service in providing this support."

Mr P. Smith, Bath, February 2015

"“Lisa is an outstanding chiropodist, the best I have been to; she is a lovely person and her rates are reasonable."
Claudia Jones, Bath

“I have been a client of Lisa Whitehouse for several years now.  She is an outstanding Chiropodist and a very pleasant lady.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any prospective client”.
Jon Toogood

“I am writing to say how very pleased I was with the way that you treated my foot problem, in such a professional manner.  It was nice to feel that I had been looked after so well”.
Roy Wilson

"My wife has enthused about visits to Bath Chiropody Clinic for a couple of years, and frankly I didn't understand what the fuss was about until I started getting repetitive blistering from long distance hikes.  Rather than let the problem continue to interfere with my wider fitness training, I booked an appointment with Lisa, who provided superb advice and transformed the condition of my feet.  I now understand why my wife makes regular visits, and I would recommend anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet, either through sports or work, to benefit from Lisa's knowledge and rejuvenative skills."
Mr P. Greatwood, Bath

"I now understand why you are so busy, you are, simply the best."
Mrs Eden