The Clinic

Long established with a large & loyal patient base, Bath Chiropody Clinic is an independent practice providing a personal, confidential and highly skilled service to meet the needs of its patients.
Lisa is committed to developing the Clinic; keeping abreast of clinical & training developments to provide her patients with the best care possible.

At the beginning of our lives, we were given healthy feet.  Problems start to occur with development and the abuse which people subject their feet to later in life by wearing inappropriate footwear (this includes hosiery as well as shoes). 

Foot fact – it is a statistic, that somewhere between 75% to 80% of the adult population will have some form of foot problem.

Unfortunately individuals do not seek advice about them until irreversible problems develop.
Clearly, care in the early formative years is vitally important and can save many problems in adulthood.
The foot is truly a marvel of biological ‘engineering’ and something of its complexity can be understood by realising that the bones of the feet (26 in total) make up an eighth of all those in the body. The foot is capable of propelling the body and protecting it from mechanical shocks and stresses throughout life.